An evolution in Fitness. The patent-pending F2 creates a new category in fitness: Outdoor Fitness with professional fitness equipment, until now only used indoors, is a reality. The F2 is the first portable fitness studio that can be fully customized and shipped anywhere in the World.



Extensive Options

Our Studios are 100% customizable. Choose your size, fitness equipment, the interior and exterior finishing options, doors, energy…the options are endless. Build the studio of your dreams with us.

New Fitness Category

For the first time, a fitness studio is a product that can be fully customized and shipped anywhere in the World. Never be attached to a location!


One of the lowest entry point costs to start a business in the Fitness Industry. No expensive rent, building or maintenance costs.

Outdoor Vs Indoor

Experience the best of both worlds. Users can finally have a complete “gym workout” with top equipment while enjoying the health benefits of exercising outdoors.


Because nothing is permanent, our Studios can be moved to different locations. Need a new environment? Location not working out? Rent is too expensive? Want to move to another State/Country? Just “grab” your studio and move it anywhere!

Exit Strategy?

Aire Fitness® studios have a big resell value. Have the freedom to sell your studio and ship it to anyone no matter where they are.


Our Studios are fully customizable. For the first time you can build and customize a Fitness Studio/Gym the same way you would customize a car. The patent-pending F2 includes  standard features and optional premium features.