An evolution in Fitness

The patent-pending F2 creates a new category in fitness: Outdoor Fitness with professional fitness equipment, until now only used indoors, is a reality. The F2 is the first portable fitness studio that can be fully customized and shipped anywhere in the World.


Who We Are

Our mission is to promote health and fitness creating sustainable, innovative and outstanding outdoor fitness environments.
We are different. We care. We believe in a new, innovative and sustainable way of doing business treating our customers, our stakeholders, and ourselves with love, transparency and respect.
Our goal is to contribute to a more sustainable World, one studio at a time.


Our Studios are fully customizable.

Functional Fitness Equipment Package by Aire Fitness®
Storage / Racks: 3 x 6′ Custom Sustainable Equipment Racks
1 Logo Deco Wall
Multi Step Corrosion Protection with White & Black Paint
Premium Free Weight Flooring

Electrical Installation
400Wh Solar Power Generator
2 Flat LED Panels

20′ EcoBody with sealed sub-floor
16′ Premium Bifold Tempered Glass Doors
Multi Step Corrosion Protection/ Paint Covering

Size: 40′ Studios + Custom Sizes
Choose a Premium Fitness Equipment Package from 3 Industry Leaders
Wood/Recyclable Aluminum/Zinc/Steel/Copper Outside Cladding
1500W Solar Power Generator and Solar Panels
Glassless Mirror
Music System
Container Cover

Door Options
Door Glass Color and Options
Premium Outdoor Artificial Turf
Premium Paint & Anti-Graffiti Protection
Logo LED Lighting System
AC/ Heater System
Reception Station with Storage


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Keep In Touch With Us


+1 858 997 4157


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10% of our profits are destined to build studios for kid’s fitness that will be donated to schools and non-profit organizations that promote fitness and healthy eating habits for our children to combat child obesity.
Sustainability First
We are committed to make our company and all our products as sustainable as possible. We promote the use of “recycled” containers rather than new ones using the most efficient and durable materials while using the least natural resources.
Affordable & Healthier
We help create lucrative and sustainable business opportunities for customers by offering an affordable business model. Aire Fitness® Studios provide healthier environments for people around the World to exercise outdoors promoting health and fitness.


Based in San Diego, CA we are always looking for the best talent in the world. If you believe in a sustainable way of doing business and you don’t compromise on innovation, quality and design please send us your CV and cover letter to